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Company sailing regattas and team building activities


Sailing is a fun sport that makes socializing easy and is a great way to be active in fresh air in a romantic atmosphere. Sailing offers a unique opportunity to spend a day away from your daily routine in a totally different environment. It will help you to develop new skills and make it easier to get to know everyone better. Not having any sailing experience is not a problem – under the supervision of experienced captains, everyone will have a chance to feel what steering a yacht feels like!


Sailing event is a perfect way to:

  • improve relations between clients and partners
  • reward your team and enhance communication within the team
  • build your team


Company sailing regatta


  • Duration 3,5-4 hours
  • introduction; introduction to sailing and getting acquainted with the regatta (10-15 min)
  • dividing into teams, safety regulations, how to behave on a yacht (10-15 min)
  • taking off, placing roles, practicing (40-60 min)
  • short races, 2-4 rounds depending on the wind (60-90 min)
  • sailing back to the harbor (30 min)
  • announcing the results, conclusion, closing ceremony (30-40 min)


Our yachts are very safe and almost anyone who tries it once may grow into an old salt in a short period of time.


For further information do not hesitate to ask at +372 53 33 1117 or info@sailing.ee


Prices start at 60 € per person.

Price includes vessel, captains, referee’s power boat, buoys and referee.

Extras: food, drinks, medals, spectators' boat, video.


The beginners' course is a thorough overview of and an introduction to the adventures of sailing. It is suitable for those who have never sailed before or have little experience in that area. What you take away from this course is confidence and useful skills to be part of an actual sailing team. It will also make you more independent and give you the opportunity to take a boat out on your own when the wind is mild. During this course the emphasis is on practical experience and you will be given a chance to get behind the wheel starting already from the first lesson and, of course, you'll participate in sail hoisting, tacking and wearing, and you’ll master reefing and anchor dropping. Also, you will acquire the correct sailing terminology.


You will learn the following:

  • Maritime terminology
  • Safety regulations on a yacht
  • Maritime knots
  • Preparing the yacht for sailing
  • Sailing maneuvers
  • Bearing
  • Reefing
  • Yielding regulations

Duration of the course: 4 x 3h. Learning materials and use of special sailing clothing are included in the course.

Please take your own footwear (sporty), hat, gloves and sunglasses. 5 people per course, pre-registration necessary – info at sailing dot ee


Evening courses 18.00-21.00 and weekend courses 170 € per person

Morning courses 10.00-13.00 (week days) 110 € per person

Contacts: +372 5333 1117 ; info@sailing.ee